Image Size Issues

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Phone: 000-000-0000
Address: 000-000-0000

this is the ABOUT YOU vendor field as the ABOUT YOUR COMPANY does not appear on the listing for vendors.  PREFERRED IMAGE SIZE for uploading to the website is 152 x 204.  The Sample images uploaded for you to view for this vendor entry are:  (The order of the images changes, but they are each titled with the dimensions)
  1. 152 x 204
  2. 304 x 408
  3. 524 x 703
The recommended size is very poor quality.  When you OPEN UP the images only the largest size looks professional.  

All image sizes open into a pop-up window that is way to big.  The pop-up window is the same for all images and is larger than my flat panel desktop screen in height and width.

Image Size (152x204) Image Size (524x703) Image Size (304x408)  

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